Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things and Stuff.

 I have finally decided to start toying with effort and not place all of my images in a horrendously vertical line. Instead I have chosen to place them in a horrendously ineffective hodgepodge. I am pleased. The images in this cluster are from meandering around the RISD Museum.

These doodles are from one of the few 3.5x5.5 softcover Moleskine books I started carrying around relatively recently. I half heartedly purchased a three pack of them about a month ago and have fallen wildly emotional over them. They are surprisingly durable for being jostled around by the likes of me. They are sort of disposable in appearance which I think sort of goes with the theme of making casual sketches in them. I do keep all of my sketchbooks but that atmosphere appeals to me regardless.

I also feel accomplished when I fill one of the books, and because they aren't very big it's a fairly simple thing to do. Silly? Yes. I'm okay with that.

Speaking of purchasing sketchbooks that I don't actually need but enjoy having, I also purchased two watercolor Moleskines. I have tubed watercolors that I seldom use and aren't very good to travel with so I picked up a small, portable watercolor set too. I don't really know what I'm doing with the watercolor but I'm not all too concerned by it. I have proceeded to create some sort of uncomfortable, kitschy illustrations (see incomplete cat cluster.) I do really like the watercolors a lot but it is slightly less accessible than the usual sketchbook stuff while drawing away from home.

Other than that here are some other various things from the softcover Moleskine (minus the character head. That's in a large sketchbook.) The bird sketches are of my mother's African Grey, Duncan. He's an asshole but drawing him while he's preening makes up for it (kind of.)

 The whole entire two people who venture over to my blog from time to time may notice that this is the first time I decided to make words. I might not do this much because it definitely requires much more time than I should be spending on this (often because I tend to be procrastinating doing something while I'm posting.) and because I might not like reading my own words after the fact. We'll see where it goes. Also, pardon the obvious schmutz that must be living on my scanner. I would fix it but it's too far gone. Yar!

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  1. GUY! I would definitely pay you (in foodsnax or shiny things I found) for a dog version of "Cat Cluster".